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Real Answers to Important Questions

When we approach any problem or opportunity, we like to start with high level questions to understand…

  • How does this make money or add value to your company? (business strategy)
  • How can we be more efficient with this work? (technology strategy)
  • What makes you unique and how can we increase appeal? (creative strategy)
  • Who are your users and how can we reach them? (marketing strategy)

With any new idea, we like to think big picture as we get ready to drive something to success. Then, as we frame up the problem or opportunity, we have a picture of where we can add the most value. In the process, we may explore how to double your revenue, reduce expenses in half, and grow your bottom line. After all, this is business.

Framing the Problem or Opportunity

As we start a collaborative dialogue, we want to frame the problem or opportunity by understanding your business, your audience, your ideas, your needs, your competitors and more. Once we have framed up the problem or opportunity with enough background information from our detailed briefs, we have the creative constraints to think freely and innovate.

Integrate and Collaborate to Innovate

We believe today's multi-dimensions problems and opportunities require multi-dimensional solutions. We bring together our business strategists, sophisticated developers, and creative designers to deliver divergent thinking, then draw on our collaboration to converge to PurpleRain ideas that have value. We want to solve your toughest problems and collaborate on your biggest opportunities in this method.

Strategy for Real Execution

When we deliver strategy, we're ready to execute as well. We don't begin and end with a sound plan of valuable ideas; rather, we collaborate on a plan that can be executed because we're willing to do the work. With this experience, we can not only collaborate early on but lead projects as we execute together.


Companies often squash creativity and innovation. As Gary Hamel describes, too few voices are heard, creativity is constrained, decisions are under informed, barriers separate capital from talent, and necessary change is slow. By partnering with PurpleRain, we provide PurpleRain independent thinking with no politics, no pre-conceived notions, and no agendas. Rather, a connected team of diverse talent in our open environment to efficiently find solutions, explore creative options, create new products or services, and imagine more.

Engage some independent digital strategists with the creative brainpower, technology understanding, and business savvy to provide strategic direction as you turn problems and opportunities into success.

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