How useful are digital marketing courses?

Digital Marketing Courses – Should you or shouldn’t you?

Digital Marketing – It seems to be what everyone is doing or aspires to do sometime soon, right? This new concept that brought about a tectonic shift in the world of marketing and relegated traditional marketing to the annals of the past is supposed to be the next best career move among the population. In the end it’s always about the pay packet, and when a career move puts you way ahead of the course and your pay packet exceeds those of your peers who aren’t yet in the field, why not? So all that hype you hear about digital marketing is very real, in the world of digital marketing the skills that go along are highly valued and in great demand, the job market is bursting at the seams for digital marketers and increased pay and bigger budgets are just some of the benefits, so if you’re thinking of this as your next career choice, then the time is just right.


Now, the question arises on how you go about acquiring those necessary skills because be warned you need them along with being street smart. The world of digital marketing being a new one keeps changing at breakneck speed, so your prediction skills also need to be on point. But don’t be put off, everything requires hard work and patience and this is no different. So before you take on all this, here’s a list of benefits of staying the field of digital marketing to help you decide.

  1. Profession that is in-demand

Digital skills gap, meaning there aren’t enough professionals to fill in the sheer number (it is predicted that an estimated 150,000 digital marketing jobs will be around by the time we reach 2020) of digital marketing jobs available. This provides you with a unique competitive edge over others if you study and gear up for a career where the demand is more than supply! A fresh set of skills in your repertoire will ensure that your career is future proof with increased job security and better career progression. And with a report from Mondo predicting a 38% increase in demand for digital marketers now is time to go back to school to learn some new skills.

  1. Increased career choices

This year saw a lot of companies creating new jobs and most of which are positions in digital marketing. And every week sees a fresh onslaught of job postings for digital marketers from companies like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft etc. These opportunities ensure that with the right set of skills you can be picky about who you work for based on the kind of business that suits your career needs best.

  1. Better salaries

Having talked about the excess demand and short supply of digital marketers in the field, it’ll come as no surprise that the salaries exceed that of your peers even if you start at the bottom rung of digital marketing you can expect a very good pay. It’s simple you see, if a product is in short supply and there’s an excessive demand; the value of the product increases exponentially. You’re that product here! You’re working in a fruitful industry with an acute shortage of skills – you should negotiate your salary accordingly. But of course having the skills is paramount before you start any negotiation.

  1. Kick-start your own career

The world of digital marketing offers a wide array of opportunities for you to spur your career ahead and place it on the right tracks and that too even before you start work at a company, unlike a more traditional field where you start at a bottom feeder level like an internship or college placement level. Social media is your best friend and for the companies to notice you, you need to stand out. So build up on your fan following on Twitter or Instagram or write a blog with relevant conversations or posts which are also displayed on Facebook too. Showcase your digital marketing skills and knowledge and boost your CV with some certification courses as well.

Now that you’re acquainted properly with the benefits of foraying into the field, let’s look at boosting up that resume with skills and adequate certification that’ll make you a digital marketing superstar.

There are millions of courses online which promise you the best of skills and yada yada about digital marketing to add to your repertoire. And add to that the confusion of whether an online course would be best or not and if any of certificates do actually hold good! Well, the answer is do your research first, look at key skills you should be developing and if these courses will help you with them, along with the credibility of the organization or website offering you this course and most importantly the cost of the course and finally the duration of the course. Once you’re through with these it’ll be simply elimination before you reach the apt course in digital marketing.

A good training program should give you a proper learning structure, mentorship and offer good networking prospects.

So here are a few of the best courses that you can sign up for now –

1.      Digital Vidya

This company founded in 2009 by Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra exclusively with the intent of providing digital marketing training. They lead the market in the digital training world. They have more than 250 training programs and are associated with companies such as eBay, GM, Reliance, and Citibank where they offer digital marketing training to the employees and are also the official training partners for Google India. As of now, they have 8 certification courses. And if you’re a newbie their flagship course CDMM (Certified Digital Marketing Master Course) is tailor made for you and costs about Rs.50,000/-. They do have several other courses for you to pick from and all courses are inclusive of research-based internships for one-month, online discussion forum and support, assistance with placement, certification exam and the certificate.

2.      UpGrad’s Digital Marketing Program

UpGrad provides you with quality training that is top notch and unique with a focus on marketing fundamentals and concepts. Their course is about imparting holistic knowledge about the marketing field rather than just specific aspects of digital marketing. Their course has a strong curriculum where the approach is driven by case studies, a project involving live campaigning, proper career guidance and certification all at a price of Rs. 60, 000/- which is much higher than the rest of the courses available online but the quality of the course justifies that astronomical sum.

3.      NIIT Digital Marketing

NIIT is a household name when it comes to learning about anything computer related and being an oldie they were one of the first institutes to launch programs in digital marketing training. The institute partnered with Digital Marketing Institute from Ireland for the content and course materials for this certification course. The training which is conducted through a guest lecture on live video at their centers where you have to be physically present. The courses they offer in digital marketing are listed below –

  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Search Marketing

4.      Manipal Global Education Services

Manipal is another name that everyone recognizes and is synonymous with world class service that they provide through several of their programs and businesses. The Manipal Global education services offer digital marketing training in a classroom setup with a physically present instructor for a duration of 3 months at Rs.25, 000/- plus tax. They also offer an online digital marketing certification program that is priced at Rs.11, 125/- where you learn the fundamentals of SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Social Media and Online PR.


An education and training company based in Bangalore, India with offices in Houston, Texas, SimpliLearn started off as a blog offering useful tips before turning into a training company; with over 100 certification courses it provides online and offline training based on the needs of the individual who takes up the training.  Advanced Online Marketing Certification Training, their flagship course costs Rs.49, 999/- plus tax and it contains 7 courses with 175+ hours of e-learning content available as part of the course which spans over 180 days and will also assist you in getting the OMCP certification.

6.      AIMA

AIMA, the All India Management Association in association with Digital Vidya has launched a digital marketing training program of their own wherein Digital Vidya provides the necessary content and course materials. It is an Online Weekend Programme where the students are trained for 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday over a duration of 3 months and it costs Rs.36, 000 plus tax.

7.      EduPristine

Another popular training institute in India, EduPristine offers both offline and online digital marketing courses which have been launched recently. The 12-day training course focuses on SEO, email marketing, social Media marketing, pay per click advertising, Google Adwords and mobile marketing at a cost of Rs.33, 000/- plus tax.

And finally, if all these don’t cut it for you and you feel you can strike it alone, then consider attending the Google AdWords Certification exam and get yourself a certificate at zero cost to become a self-made digital marketing expert.

Now that we’ve listed down these courses, it’s time to look at some pros and cons. Is it really worthwhile spending all that money to do a small course?

First, let’s have a look at the advantages of taking one of these courses –

  • Digital marketing is a sector that evolves often and keeping yourself up to date on these developments and how to handle them is imperative. A certain skill set is needed here and certification from a credible source is often necessary to boost your career in Digital Marketing.
  • It enhances your authorization when you get that advanced certification and it speaks of your drive and initiative and establishes good knowledge and skills of digital marketing.
  • Employers are looking for Digital marketing experts; a certificate makes you an invaluable asset for employers in the ever changing market and thereby increases your value – meaning you can negotiate for your salary.
  • Doing a certification course gives you hands on experience with case studies, practical knowledge and strengthens the core concepts of internet marketing, so your overall personality and confidence gets a boost and empowers you and your career opportunities are enhanced greatly too.
  • Internet marketing is a skill that will prove to be an invaluable treasure trove of knowledge if you’re starting on your own and this skill is in-demand and several successful entrepreneurs have cashed in on this to set up profitable businesses.

Now comes the disadvantages –

  • Most of the digital marketing courses that are available now are quite expensive. And most of them don’t offer transparency in costs too. For example, NIIT.
  • These courses are also time-consuming and very few short term courses that are effective are available.
  • It is easier to attend and try for the certification exam by Google Adwords.
  • The field keeps changing at a drastic pace which means constantly upskilling yourselves and probably something you’ve learned in the course has already become obsolete because of newer changes in technology.
  • The learning curve is high and constantly changing but nothing compared to the competition in the world, it is insane and as competition increases the opportunities for the newbie decreases!
  • Internet marketing is easy to be confused with” intelligent spamming” with all things digital being saturated, you need to be careful not to become one of those!
  • None of these courses teaches you the most important mantra when it comes to digital marketing – an emotional connection with the audience; without that your communication with the customer becomes a load intangible information and an impersonal experience meaning all your digital marketing efforts are wasted.

Now that you’re armed with all this knowledge, reconsider your options and then make an informed decision. After all the pros and cons (with cons outweighing pros), it might be possible that you have a natural flair for the field and a certificate goes a long way in charming prospective employers to give our skills a test drive along with a higher salary and the job of your dreams. Mooney is all well and good but a future proof career is what you really need and save you at the end of the day. Just ensure to check for the credibility of the organization and the certification and the worth of the course (price, skill, and knowledge-wise) before you jump into a digital marketing training program. Good Luck!