Top 5 Ways of Optimizing Your Website

You need to gain basic knowledge of lead generation in order to appropriately optimize your website. There are three major components in a lead generation process, including: your website, your calls-to-action, and your landing page. You can learn more about the lead generation process here.The following are the top five ways of optimizing your website that you can engage.

  • Benchmark Your Current Status of Lead Generation

You need to evaluate the current status of your lead generation, in order to be able to determine the areas of your site that badly needs improvement. To achieve this, you need to use a tool, such as Marketing Grader. This tool is designed to provide feedback on how to mend your existing content after assessing your lead generation bases. Then again you can know the status of your lead generation by comparing popular landing pages and unproductive landing pages. Alternatively, you could try to evaluate thank-you page, CTA clicks and landing pages to single out the ones that are productive and those that are unproductive.

  • Make Sure Each Step in Your Lead Generation is Optimized

You can only get the most out of visitors’ interests in a given subject if your offers are relevant to the corresponding page. Always optimize the conversion path to increase chances of a visitor’s path ending up with the preferred goal. You do not have to struggle to convert visitors, since you can simply run an A/B test on your landing page. For this to work, you should test the following key elements of the lead generation process: the calls-to-action, the landing pages and the thank-you pages.

  • Personalize Your Calls-to-Action

With dynamic content you can provide web visitors with the best experience of visiting your website. This will allow visitors to see items that are particularly designed to their interests, such as product options, buttons and images. However, you have a better chance of converting more visitors when using personalized calls-to-action than basic calls-to-action. This means that you will generate more leads when you have personalized calls-to-action and dynamic content. You can generate dynamic content on your website by using the following tool, HubSpot’s Content Optimization System.

  • Always A/B Test is the Best

A/B testing will always do wonders as far as your website’s performance is concerned. You should test the wording of your calls-to-action and the arrangement of your landing page. You may think that your current landing page is tightly optimized and assume that your current conversion rate is sufficient. However, it is never enough; you should keep testing until your conversion rate has increased by about 50%.

  • Develop Your Leads

You need to develop your leads in order for them to turn into customers. You are strongly advised to have your leads placed in a workflow the moment they fill out a form on the landing page. Provide your leads with valued content. You can start developing your leads through relevant follow up emails. The follow up emails should contain great content. Learn as much as you can from your leads as you develop them.