Social Media Hacks to have in your Kitty

Social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy and to improve your overall marketing and customer engagement strategies it is imperative that you’re armed with the best Social media hacks known in the marketing community.

But, with so many different accounts it has turned into a monumental task to keep up and ensure you’re using the right platform, at the right time to reach the right people. And because of this marketers are always on the lookout for the newest social media tips and techniques which will increase their expertise and help them stay ahead of the social media marketing curve. We shared here the choicest tips from top social media pros to get the most out of social media marketing.

Marketers don’t have a lot of time on their hands to spend solely on social media activities and have so much more to consider. So these amazing hacks from social media experts will save time and increase your efficiency while maximizing your social media efforts.

1. Increase brand visibility by using trending topics

When you want to attract more customers you’ll have to be smart enough to use the current trends and topics to your advantage. Use these topics and hashtags which are trending in real time in your social media posts; this will help you reach a larger audience and attract prospective customers. To find out more about these hashtags and topics that are trending in real time you can visit this called Social Mention where you’ll find a write-up by Tim Schmidt an SEO expert.

Reduce Inflammatory Fan Posts and Comments on Social media

When you’re attracting potential customers, you don’t want to be sidelined because of some negative comments from some random person on your social media page. Trolls especially can give a bad impression of you to the customer. So in order to not appear rowdy or drive away potential customers, go to Page settings and click on Page moderation and add the words that are commonly used to attack a fan of your product or a customer on your Facebook page as a list of words that are banned from being displayed. So if anyone posts or comments using one of the banned words, the post or comment will be hidden from the general public unbeknownst to the author and thus you have a friendlier page to display. This tip from Holly Homer of Kids Activities Blog and Quirky Momma Facebook page is a godsend as you won’t have customers turning away because of a stray comment.

2. When someone likes your posts, invite them to like your page

Social Media Consultant Katie Lance swears by this hack and even says that it’s one of her preferred Facebook business page hacks. You’ll find that on Social media a lot of people like your public post, and it isn’t necessary that they’re all part of your contacts list. So trawl through the likes (yes, much like an attention hungry teenager) to find all those new people who liked your post and then send them a link or invitation to like and follow your page. Do it often enough and it will show you that the people who have liked your posts have increased consistently.

Accelerate growth of your followers on social media

Nathan Chan who is the publisher and editor of Foundr Magazine swears by the tactic called S4S (Share for Share or Shoutout for Shoutout) wherein you form partnerships with other influencers in your niche/market, this partnership should be mutually beneficial. Basically if you’re posting content or commenting on Facebook, you would refer to that person by tagging them in the post or comment and this can be replicated on any other social media platform of your choice as well and you’ll find that the number of followers will have increased by a significant number in a short while itself. This hack works particularly well on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope etc.

3. Share your content everywhere

There is no point in just relying on one social media platform to do your marketing for you. You need to be active on several social media sites and post on them simultaneously to reach the right audience. Laura Kimball the CEO of Click Measure Media suggests that you share your content across multiple accounts at once; hence you’ll save time and money on this. And a tool like Viral Content Buzz enables you to share that post on several platforms simultaneously. The built-in scheduling feature makes content creation really easy and you can schedule the time for when you want these posts to appear to the readers as well.

4. Use emoticons to increase conversions

Emoji’s or Emoticons add a lot of value to your post or comment, you might think it appears silly to use them on posts which are supposed to be professional; but by adding one simple emoji you’ll be incorporating a human touch to the post and to the reader you’ll come across as more friendly and approachable. Neil Patel the founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, QuickSprout & Hellobar, on one of his blog posts mentions that the use of emojis as part of a company’s marketing strategy will help them connect with their audience on a more human level and put across their message in a unique way.

5. Don’t focus on just engagement

For most of us in the marketing world engaging with our customers takes up a good chunk of our time and efforts, but is it really necessary to spend that much time? Mike Kawula the CEO of Social Quant, has some advice for those of you that are thinking about the enormous amount of time spent in engaging with your customers. While it makes you look more approachable and responsible when you reply to every single comment or tweet, check the Instagram feed or respond to direct messages, it does mean spending countless hours that you cannot afford so the best way is to find ways to multitask. Make time to engage with followers but not during our work time, maybe when you’re doing another task like walking your dog or listening to a podcast or something similar, this way you won’t get sucked into the rabbit hole that is social media.

6. A period before your tweet

This is something that we were unaware of too and we’re sure most of the folks out there don’t know of it too! But Susan Payton who is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, has showed us that we all learn something new every day. So the next time you’re mentioning someone in a tweet, put a period before just using the @ symbol, this way  the tweet will be visible to all of the people who follow you and in the process you’ll be engaging with more people.

7. Beautify Photos for Instagram

When you post photos on Instagram, it should be such that you instantly gain followers because of that image; you just cannot afford to put drab, lifeless photos on Social media without your business bearing the brunt of your error. But to have Instagram ready photos doesn’t mean you buy the latest DSLR camera and start snapping away, You’d surprised what a few tools and apps can do to a perfectly normal picture and Social Media Specialist Leslie McDermid absolutely agrees and likes to use PicLab to edit photos. A simple photograph can be made more enticing just with the addition of text, frames or filters. But do make sure you don’t overdo it and take away from the natural look of the image.

Images should be optimized for multiple social media platforms

It’s a time-consuming task to adjust the size of a single image to optimize it for different social platforms. For example, a landscape image that you used on your blog and shared on Facebook and Twitter will need to be resized as a square image to post on Instagram, and for Pinterest it should be a portrait image. All this will leech away precious time which can be utilized elsewhere, so use a tool like the Magic Resize button from Canva. With just one click you’ll be able to create multiple images for different platforms. You can choose from about 50 image types and after you have chosen the image sizes to generate, your new images will open in separate tabs after you click on “Abracadabra – Resize”.

8. Use “if this, then that”

If This, Then That (IFTTT) is a tool through which you can stay connected with of your social profiles, blogs, favourite apps etc. by creating array of conditionally-defined tasks that helps in saving time. For example: Whenever you post a new photo on Facebook, you can set up the tool to update it on Instagram too.

9. Sharing content across multiple social networks in one go

Another drain on your time is when you have to publish content to each profile individually, but with this hack from Jay Baer, you can increase efficiency and productivity just by using the tool Buffer which allows you to automatically share content which you’ve sourced across all your chosen social networks at pre-determined and optimized times.

10. Building relationships with influencers through social media

Everyone knows that when you frequently share and like content, tweet and re-tweet posts from top influencers in the industry you’ll eventually they’ll take notice of you and you’ll end up with them on your list of followers ensuring you have great, influential online friends. And it’s not just us but Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute also uses this idea. These influencers will help in reciprocating your efforts by sharing your content with their audience thereby increasing your reach and leading to more followers and potential customers.

But always verify the influencer’s effectiveness

Influencer marketing is one of the most integral parts of social media marketing these days, especially because most people tend to use Ad Blockers meaning most of the time your ad is not viewed at all and the density of information on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels are overwhelmingly huge making it extra hard to get your message read, watched or heard. This problem is solved by employing a person who can exert influence over other people and will carry a message online to an engaged audience effectively

But the problem is identifying the right influencer, exactly how influential is your influencer? Mark Schaefer, the author of Social Media Explained and several other blogs has a hack to find out the influencing capability of an influencer. Find the influencer you want to check on using TweetDeck’s free version and then click on that person’s twitter handle which will show you a profile with the number of Twitter lists the person is included on. Then you divide the number of Twitter lists by the number of followers; if the result is higher than 5%, you’ve found yourself a true influencer.

11. Try using Reddit

Reddit as an incredible resource that is misunderstood and therefore underused according to Kat Haselkorn, Content Strategist at Go Fish Digital. Also called “The Front Page of The Internet”, there are thousands of different verticals on Reddit where you can post your content through which can drive traffic to your site and in turn you’ll get honest, unfiltered feedback about your content too.

12. Optimization relevant tags

When you optimize the relevant tags, for example: the Open Graph tags on Facebook, you’ll able to manage how your content appears on social feeds when your content is liked or shared by users, it means instead of just ten you’ll get thousands of shares.

13. Tools, tools and more tools

Kim Garst, Social Media and Brand Strategist is all for using tools to assist with scheduling, posting and engaging with posts. Hootsuite, AgoraPulse, Schedugram, ManageFlitter and SocialOomph are tools that get her stamp of approval and feature among her favourites.

14. Repeat your tweets

Though you might garner a lot of flak for this particular strategy, repeating your tweets can increase your click-throughs significantly because with each tweet you’ll be reaching out to more people. And if you’re too chicken to try it, follow the example of Guy Kawasaki, Canva’s Chief Evangelist, who though is criticized still repeats his tweets up to three times to ensure he reaches more of his audience. He says each one of his repeat tweets gets the same amount of traffic approximately, meaning he would miss out on 75 percent of click-throughs if he hadn’t repeated his tweets.

Get around the 140-character limit on twitter

Twitter’s 140-character limit puts paid to a lot of our advertising efforts. While you can add a link to take the interested reader to your website to continue reading, it still makes for extra work. But there is a hack from Andy Crestodina the co-founder of Orbit Media to bypass this particular hurdle where you end a regular tweet with an ellipsis or a cliffhanger of some sort and then you reply to your own tweet! The “view conversation” link allows your visitor to see the full length of the tweet without having to be redirected to your website. You’ve told your story without the shackles of the 140-character police.

15. Scale social connections

The whole point of Social media marketing is to increase your audience, so the more social connections you build the higher chances you have of gaining more customers. Brooke Ballard the Chief Digital Strategist of B Squared Media suggests using Rapportive for Gmail to view everything in your contact’s LinkedIn profile right in your inbox. And if you find that you’re not connected to anyone in there, you can remedy that by following them on Twitter, or send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn directly without leaving Gmail.

See restricted linkedin profile search results

If you are troubled by the block on search results that are restricted from view based on the level of your membership, you can use Google’s search engine to conduct a more comprehensive search as the majority of profiles are indexed on Google is what Ian Cleary, the founder of RazorSocial suggests.

For instance, if you find that LinkedIn has restricted the access to the full profile information of someone: “The person’s name”

If the person you’re looking for is a content editor who’s mentioned Dubai in their profile, then type the following into Google’s search bar: “content editor” Dubai

Whatever information was hidden behind the barriers put by LinkedIn will now be visible to you.


The internet has a goldmine of hints, tips, and tools waiting to be discovered so that your day becomes more about making vital connections with your audience rather than spending time flitting from one social platform to the next. Of course, the choice is yours; we’ve just touched upon the few tricks that we think are perfect and every marketers kitty should have, so do test a few to see what works for you and use them in bettering your marketing strategy.