SEO and PPC Strategy For Your Startup

After a decade of Google’s absolute dominance, the dynamics of search engines probably going to change. No, Google is still the top search engine and the nearest competitor of Google is not really anywhere near in terms of market share. The change is not something groundbreaking, rather it’s almost silent. But considering the probable impact, probably you need to rethink your PPC and SEO strategy for 2016.

New Trends in Search Engine Market


Let’s look at the search engine battleground and what we can predict from all the things going on there now.

Since 2008, Google has never a smaller market share. On the contrary, Yahoo, thanks to its recent deal with Firefox browser, is enjoying its highest market share since 2009. Yahoo has redesigned its look and trying to ensure a more commanding position in the market.

There are rumors of a search engine from Apple around for quite some time. Apple already launched a new search API named Spotlight. If Apple really decides to have a search engine of its own, it will mean serious competition for Google and the current scenario of the market will drastically change.

Even if Apple does not build its own search engine, the company is likely to switch its default search engine on mobile devices. Both Bing and Yahoo are competing for it while Bing showed some real aggression by giving away 100 GB of free cloud storage space for 2 years to users when they sign up for a perks program. With the release of Windows 10 and the debut of Cortana, Microsoft is expecting a significant increase of share for Bing.

3 Things You Should Do Now

In essence, the dynamics of search engine market is changing pretty fast and now is the time to start considering your website’s ranking on Bing and Yahoo as well, beside Google. 2016 will be the year of big changes and you can start focusing on the following things from now on to get yourself prepared for the coming changes.

  1. Your site has to be mobile friendly. Mobile is not the next big thing, it’s already happening. If your site is not prepared to be displayed well on mobile devices, it might even get a penalty for mobile search.
  2. Keep track of your ranking reports in Yahoo and Bing. Optimize your site for a better position in both the search engines. Start using Bing Webmaster Tools.
  3. Use tools like AuthorityLabs to get reports about your website’s ranking on several search engines. Compare the reports and find out which keywords are working on what search engine. Use the insights you have from these reports to optimize your website further.

It’s long been a Google dominated marketplace and that explains why your SEO and PPC strategies probably were woven around Google only. But you need to make a strategic shift towards multi-engine SEO and PPC planning. Bing and Yahoo! are promising a large chunk of traffic in the coming year and if you don’t move early you may miss out on this.