We are all proud owners of our smartphones and tablets. We are so hooked onto these devices that anybody with any information will need to get it to us through these channels. Almost all the brands today have their own strategy of mobile marketing that we see on our devices – a few examples of this are, mobile video ads, app-based marketing, in-game mobile marketing, QR Codes, mobile search ads, mobile image ads, SMS, mobile site extensions, click to download ad extensions, etc.

But what exactly is Mobile Marketing? Mobile Marketing is the technique by which brands advertise themselves in a way that suits the mobile device users. By the statistics at hand, it is clear that the number of people who are spending their time on these devices is increasing than before. And, this will definitely continue to increase in the future.

To get their attention onto your brand, you need to start relying heavily, if not entirely, on mobile marketing to get your word out.


In today’s time, you cannot bear the setback that you might have to face if you ignore mobile marketing in purchase operations. If the potential customer is looking for a specific product online and visits your website searching for the product they intend to buy, they should not be disheartened by the mobile site. If they find anything unresponsive with the mobile site – it is slow or the content is incomprehensive, it greatly reduces the chance of the user even contemplating your brand to make a purchase.

Mobiles and tablets have smaller screens compared to a desktop, this means you cannot use words very liberally and the site should look neat. An unorganized mobile site will lose viewers.


There were many things that we thought were impossible almost a decade ago. Technology has bored its way through the tough core. One of the many things that were thought inconceivable was the ability to view videos on the mobile device apart from just making calls and sending text messages. This has created a wide scope for marketing strategists and analysts to make content that engages the video audience.

According to research, people who market their brands using mobile video ads show a 49% faster growth in their returns. Storytelling has become an important factor in mobile video ads to engage the audience as they continue to watch the ad entirely till it finishes. Using video ads to advertise your product increases the intention to buy, by 97% and brand affiliation by 139%

One thing that you would want to keep in mind while making mobile video ads is that videos look very different on mobile screens than on desktops and this increases your effort in order to maintain the users’ attention over the mobile video.

Execution of these mobile video ads proves to be a strong and impressive method to distinctly associate with your target audience and re-establish your brand name and individuality.


As you read before, people are more socially active on their mobile devices rather than on their desktops. What better way to advertise on a selected few social platforms that are more genuinely mobile. The famous and wide-spread among these are Instagram and Snapchat – these are mobile which leads us to a fact that they prevail only on the existence of a mobile device – smartphones or tablets.


Instagram is the most trending social platform right now. Using this to market your brand is an excellent choice. Being on Instagram means you need to be more than just uploading pictures or your sales pitch! You need to be active – looking out for competitors – gauging their moves etc.

You can start off by posting pictures of what your brand or product is all about. There should not be a long time gap between anything you post. You need to keep your audience engaged with pictures, quotes, contests, giveaways etc. Also, like we discussed before, you can also upload short videos about your company or your product. Get creative!

Another trend that has made its way onto social platforms is using the Hashtag. There are many trending hashtags that are doing the rounds on Instagram. Find one that suits your brand the most or create one and tag as many people as you can! Get innovative with your Bio and include a link to your website to drive more traffic.


With 400 million snaps every day, Snapchat is becoming one of the rapidly growing social platforms. It is unique in a way that the target audience gets access to live events.

This could be used for product launches. Giving access to private company events makes the potential customers feel included. This increases engagement with your target audience.

Offer codes and promo codes also are a big marketing stunt to grab the attention of customers. This has seen success with many top brands using it on Snapchat.

Since Snapchat is still an upcoming social platform, you will find significant engagement from your target audience. Grab your hold on it before it gets too congested with your competitors.


With the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices, companies are finding ways to get closer to their target audience through this. This, in turn, demands high investment. Since this area of marketing is predicted to be continuously growing, spending on this is also considerably on the rise as compared to the traditional desktop ads.

When you are investing a huge amount on this type of advertising, it should also get you the ROI on par with the actual amount.

In conclusion, choose wisely of what content you want to display on the mobile screens, how you want to augment your posts and make content that is central to mobile devices like the smartphone and the tablet – which will increase target audience engagement and drive traffic to your website and amplify your sales.