The most influential PPC experts

PPC or Pay-per-click has proven itself to be a star in the world of marketing. A few of you might turn your nose up as you’ll essentially be buying visits to your sites rather than earning them organically when you use PPC, but you’ll have to agree that it is a very successful model and one that your business can benefit from greatly. And you might even feel you’re losing money when you have to pay a search engine to draw visitors to your site, but it actually is a trivial amount that you would pay to the site in exchange for all the sales and potential customers you’re going to gain this way! Basically through PPC, you can market your products, brands, services, and businesses faster and more efficiently than other forms of organic digital marketing as your PPC ad starts reaching out to your target audience as soon as it’s approved.

Still don’t believe it? Well, consider this example: For every click you get from your PPC ad, you’ll have to pay $5 to the search engine; but 10 of those clicks result in several sales for you amounting to $4000. Now isn’t that a hefty profit for paying out $50 to the search engine? That’s how PPC works and a winning PPC ad will not only lead to a lot of sales but also gives you the added benefit of rewards from search engines, because when you create an ad that proves to be useful to users and satisfies their needs then the search engine will charge you less for each click meaning a higher profit margin for your business!

But all those aforementioned things about a PPC ad don’t happen on its own miraculously. Your ad needs to be on the proper platforms, it has to have the right keywords, good ad text to increase CTR, specific and brilliantly designed landing pages and good SEO among many other things. So you alone can’t do it with the help of the internet! You’ll need the help of a specialist, someone who possesses a combination of several skill sets to design a killer ad for your PPC campaign; basically you need a PPC expert!

So, who exactly is a PPC Expert?

The many sub domains that makes up Digital marketing are niche areas. While one doesn’t necessarily have to be good at every single one of them, as a digital marketer you need to have some general knowledge on each of them. Then there are full-stack digital marketers who somehow know the ins and outs of the entire digital marketing ecosystem. These digital marketers should be your gurus, as each one of them has a combination of skill sets that you would find in 3 or 4 individuals.

The same goes for a PPC expert too, it’s not just a basic understand of PPC campaigns but an in-depth knowledge on the subject and all its sub domains to understand how PPC fits into a  digital marketing technique and where. You also need understand where and how different digital marketing techniques fit to form a complete digital marketing strategy.

And in the domain of PPC, you need to understand the platforms that are used to carry out pay per click advertising campaigns like Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc. Identify the main features of each of these platforms and you’ll be able to handle PPC campaigns effectively and profitably too.

And finally, becoming a PPC expert might’ve been easy but the tough job starts later as you’ll need stay on top of any new updates in the PPC advertising industry.

So now we know there’s a lot hard work and determination that goes with becoming a PPC expert; so in a bid to honour some of the hardest workers in the tight-knit community of PPC, PPC hero did a survey to find the Top 25 and most influential PPC experts. A with a crazy number of over 17,000 votes, we present to you the TOP 25 experts in PPC!

You’ll find that the list also has a few names that are recognized as the Top Rising Stars in PPC this year.

And we’ve created this list in the interest of getting our peers to converse among themselves as well as to help those them who are newbies in the world of PPC who are just getting their feet wet and can information and guidance from these gurus.

Each of the experts were ranked based on the following categories:

1.       Twitter

2.       Facebook

3.       LinkedIn

4.       Google +

5.       Klout

6.       YouTube

7.       Website(s)

8.       Blog(s)

9.       Speaking engagements

10.   Organic rankings

And it wasn’t just the number of followers, likes, etc. that counted when it came to ranking, the amount and quality of the PPC content they shared as well as engagement on each network was taken into account. So even if one of them had 500+ LinkedIn connections, they didn’t score as high as someone with 400 LinkedIn connections and shared PPC content. And their being active was also taken into account, meaning their presence on social networks and how they utilized it.

So let’s get on with the list, shall we?

Here are the TOP 5 PPC experts that you absolutely must know about and follow to become an expert in your own right.

1.) Bryan Eisenberg

The first person on this list of top PPC experts is Bryan Eisenberg and there isn’t a person who is more deserving of the title: Most Influential PPC Expert.

He is not only visible in every single social medium but active too.  He maintains professional profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, and Twitter and actively shares great SEM tips and articles often.  He has authored several books and is on the list of best-selling authors and takes part in conferences around the world giving inspirational speeches.  And if you haven’t been lucky enough to catch him in action live at any of these conferences, you can watch dozens of his interviews, speeches, and SEM tips on YouTube.  He even has co-authored several books, and also serves as an advisory board member in various organizations like Search Engine Strategies, the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, and BoostCTR.

And as a newcomer to the world of PPC, you can follow him to get some great tips and a lot of information. Follow him on:

        Twitter: @TheGrok

        Facebook Profile:


2.) Danny Sullivan

The second person on our list, Danny Sullivan is a veteran journalist in the search industry and even has a page on Wikipedia dedicated to him! That’s how famous he is and he’s equally good at his job as his 531,000 followers on Twitter will tell you. And this staggering number of followers is not only in Twitter but multiple mediums like Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. A much sought after speaker on SEM, he’s worked as the Chief Content Officer at Third Door Media and co-founded Search Engine Land, a publication which covers digital marketing topics, news and information about search engines, and search marketing, SEO and SEM topics. In October 2017 he retired from his position as advisor at Third Door Media to join as an advisor in Google’s Search Division. Danny is also credited with making the term “Search Engine Marketing” (he doesn’t take credit for coining the term) so popular by using it in an article he published on Search Engine Watch.

You can join his list of followers on:

        Twitter @dannysullivan

        Facebook Profile:


3.) Marty Weintraub

Marty Weintraub, entrepreneur, marketer, author and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker. With so many different facets to one person it’s no wonder that he’s established himself as an influential PPC expert. He writes blogs actively on the topic, and not just his company blog but is also an author at other Internet publications such as Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.  He has professional profiles on all of the social networks, and is also an author of several books including the very famous “Killer Facebook Ads”. And in addition to all this he also runs aimclear his Online Marketing Agency. Marty makes online marketing fun and entertaining, as you’ll find if you read the blog on aimclear where the description says “Digital Marketing News with a side of snark”! What more could you want?

        Twitter @aimclear

        Facebook Profile:

        Blogs:, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land

4.) Joanna Lord

Next on our list is, Joanna Lord. She describes herself as an expert in PPC, obsessed with start ups, coffee, online marketing, builder of beautiful brands and lover of fashion! This social media enthusiast writes some amazing blogs all while she’s drinking her beloved coffee, you can get a peek into her life on her Instagram profile.  So it doesn’t come as a surprise that she is one among the most influential PPC experts out there! She has a staggering 334,000 followers on Twitter, Google + and Facebook. An acclaimed speaker who taught Advanced Digital Marketing at the University of Washington, she is the Chief Marketing Officer of ClassPass, the largest fitness marketplace in the world and writes articles on marketing on both on her personal blog as well as on the SEOmoz blog.

        Twitter @JoannaLord

        Facebook Profile:


5.) Tim Ash

Tim Ash has several jobs listed under his LinkedIn profile; chiefly among them are CEO of and the Founder and Chairperson of Conversion Conference. This well-known keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur is an expert in user-centred design, persuasion and understanding online behaviour, and landing page testing and not only that he is also one of the early pioneers in the field of website conversion rate optimization.  And those achievements notwithstanding he also hosts a podcast on on the topic of Landing Page Optimization and keeps writing on online publications like ClickZ, Search Engine Watch, Website Magazine and Visibility while being active on social networks with active professional profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Tim Ash provides strategic consulting services and has helped several international and U.S brands like Google, Expedia, Kodak, eHarmony, Facebook, American Express, Canon, Nestle, Symantec, Intuit, AutoDesk etc in developing successful web-based initiatives over the past 15 years. A worthy candidate to be in the Top 5 PPC experts.

        Twitter @tim_ash

        Facebook Profile:

        Blogs: Search Engine Watch, ClickZ Author

Now that you know of the Top 5 PPC experts, it’s not enough. When it comes to the world of online marketing, especially PPC knowing more is always better. So here’s a list of 20 other experts who made it into PPC hero’s list and who are equally noteworthy.

6.) Dennis Yu

        Twitter @dennisyu

        Facebook Profile:


7.) Jeff Ferguson

        Twitter @CountXero, @FangDigital, @dead_tree_media

        Facebook Profile:


8.) Brad Geddes

        Twitter @bgtheory

        Facebook Profile:


9.) Kevin Lee

        Twitter @Kevin_Lee_QED

        Facebook Profile:

        Blogs:, ClickZ

10.) John Rampton

        Twitter @JSRampton

        Facebook Profile:

        Blogs:, Search Engine Watch

11.) Lisa Raehsler

        Follow on Twitter @lisarocksSEM

        Facebook Profile:

        Blogs: ClickZ,, Search Marketing Standard

12.) Kent Lewis

        Twitter @kentlewis

        Facebook Profile:


13.) David Szetela

        Twitter @Szetela

        Facebook Profile: Personal

        Blogs: Search Engine Watch,

14.) Stefan Weitz

        Twitter @stefanweitz

        Facebook Profile:


15.) William Leake

        Twitter @Marketing_Bill

        Facebook Profile:


16.) Laura Thieme

        Twitter @bizwatchlaura

        Facebook Profile: Personal


17.) David Rodnitzky

        Twitter @rodnitzky

        Facebook Profile: Personal


18.) Frederick Vallaeys

        Twitter @siliconvallaeys, @fvallaeys

        Facebook Profile: Personal


19.) Andy Atkins-Kruger

        Twitter @andyatkinskruge

        Facebook Profile:

        Blogs:, Search Engine Land

20.) Noran El-Shinnawy

        Twitter @noranshinnawy

        Facebook Profile: Personal

        Blogs:, ClickZ, Search Engine Watch

21.) Larry Kim

        Twitter @larrykim

        Facebook Profile: N/A


22.) Rick Galan

        Twitter @RickGalan

        Facebook Profile: Personal


23.) Mona Elesseily

        Twitter @webmona

        Facebook Profile: Personal

        Blog: Search Engine Land

24.) Matt Van Wagner

        Twitter @mvanwagner

        Facebook Profile: Personal

        Blog: Search Engine Land

25.) Justin Seibert

        Twitter @domjbs

        Facebook Profile: Personal


How you can turn yourself into a PPC expert

Online advertising is always going to be an integral part of the advertising stack of every brand out there. And PPC especially isn’t going to die anytime soon, which means to be successful all marketing and advertising professionals have to follow this recipe for becoming a PPC expert through building up their skills in online advertising.

You can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business through PPC and you don’t necessarily have to be some kind of guru, wizard or prodigy in this field. But it isn’t cakewalk either, because it’s a tough job to gain expertise in any field and it comes with several ups and downs attached, but in the end the ROI is well worth the struggle. So what if you make mistakes and lose a lot of money; just don’t lose sight of the end goal  and try to rectify your mistakes before you give up’ eventually you’ll get over the hill and would’ve mastered it and the experiences would’ve taught you well.

And if you’re still struggling but have made up our mind, use these top three tips to master PPC, and soon you’ll be recognized as an expert while your brand’s revenue and engagement is also increased.

1. Learn the platforms.

The first step to becoming an expert in any field is to learn the basics and in PPC that means familiarizing yourself with the major platforms used in PPC. Without the knowledge on how to use the tools, you can’t budge an inch.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the two pillars that hold up PPC. They’re both quite similar systems and you can become a certified PPC expert by enrolling for the Adwords and Bing Ads certification programs. It might not be fun, but studying is usually the best way to learn and get ahead in this industry.

Once you know what’s available, think about which platforms would work best in your industry. For example, if your business is visually appealing like ecommerce, fashion or home decor then look into Pinterest’s Buyable Pins, with these your users can purchase your products directly from the social media platform, Pinterest.

You will be using these platforms as tools to build your campaigns, so you should know the ins and outs of each of them so you can factor in their strengths and weaknesses for different uses.

2. Understand your audience.

Once you’ve got the tools, you need to identify the goal: capturing the attention of your target audience. A great place to start is by creating and developing buyer personas.

Find out where your audience “hangs out”. Which search engines do they prefer to use; Google or Bing or do they use a smaller, more niche search engine?  How much do they earn? What social media channels are they active on? What’s their favourite brand? Learn everything you can, but most importantly, learn why they sought out your brand and why need your product and how often do they buy it.

This called mapping out your audience, do this as much as possible and use this information to create campaigns that will specifically appeal to them. Search engine advertising is the most competitive type of PPC, and a campaign created specifically to attract and appeal to your customers is very important here but it also applies throughout the industry. Additionally, the success of your PPC campaigns will help you in defining who your audience actually is, as opposed to being pretty sure that they are your audience!

3. Watch and do it and then learn from it.

Now you have both the tools and a target audience in mind, it’s time to start applying all that you’ve learnt! PPC has a constrained format and it might take a while for you to get used to it and maybe the first few campaigns you design will be a bit bumpy but you’ll learn as you go and with time start designing successful campaigns.

And if you’re still faltering, you can get better faster by taking a peek at your competitors’ PPC campaigns. Find out the current trends in the industry and find out if they’re doing something unique, if there is a common theme and if there are pillars that work well and should be part of your campaign too.  To help your campaign to stand apart you need to ignore the common theme and design something specific that will catch the audience’s attention immediately.


And when you’ve become comfortable enough with PPC you’ll realize that these lessons can be applied to other aspects of marketing as well. You’ll become more skilled at identifying target markets, become more confident in bidding wars and will be much more on point with your tagline game and before long you’ll also be listed among such stars as a PPC expert!