How to get more people to respond to your mails faster!

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Grabbing the right kind of attention and the right time and at the right place is the key to success in the web world. Here, your email makes the first impression and like they say, ‘the first impression is the last impression.’ Therefore, the key is to make sure your email is memorable, impactful and impressive. To make a campaign work or a cause to meet its justified end, the approach needs to be fulfilling and appropriate. If you got no response to your shout-out via email, then it definitely lacks something. It’s not always about the mean of communications; it’s also about the manner and the tone, or the way your message is put forth. Read on to explore the different ways by which you can more people to read your mails and at a faster rate.

Don’t be invisible. Get noticed by your recipient.  

For starters, find your recipients. Start by showing yourself to them and slowly interacting with them. The first thing to do is to reach out to them in a manner that doesn’t seem too in-the-face. However you must show them face. Find them on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Start following them, sending them messages, sharing their posts and blogs. Stimulate a connection by simple letting them know who you are and what you do. Why do all this? Only so that, once your recipient receives an email from you, you are familiar and hopefully won’t be dismissed right away.

The subject line says it all.

Most people today are flooded with emails and bugged with overflowing inboxes. Well, under such circumstances it is very easy skip some mails or to overlook them. What catches the eye of the reader as well as his attention is the subject line of your email. Attention cost a lot but takes you very far. Grab attention; make it solely yours, simply via a few key words in the subject space allotted for you. If your outreach is important and demands immediate attention make sure your subject line conveys the whole message and its urgency for approval as well. Look into your recipient’s interests and pick words that would probably hit the nail on the head. In that short space, try and send out a positive message. If it’s a catchy one, it could be winner. It’s like an ice-breaker or a game-changer. It can either make you or break you. Short and sweet describes the perfect subject line. However, make sure it isn’t too short. Short or not, it needs to be clear and unique.

Make it personal in a professional way.   

Add your own personal touch to the mail. Make sure your unique identity reflects in your email and make it as interactive as possible. Nobody likes to read a normal, viral message. People believe they are different from other people and so are their connections with people. Therefore, a personal and exclusive message to a small group of interested recipients’ works better than a mundane message to masses of people. The strategy is to personalize. Make your recipients feel special and their connection with you, a special one too. Be easy-going. Get close. Address your recipient by their name. This goes to show that this email was composed specifically for them. Hence it should matter and be considered. Flattery works wonders too but only moderate amounts of it. Too much of goodness can be repelling. Appreciate your recipients work and lend a compliment or two in your email. Don’t go overboard, just a tad bit to make a genuine impression.

It’s always all about them.

Most often bloggers care only about one thing which is how popular they are among their readers and how credible they are considered to be amongst their audiences. They care mostly about their readers and not the business at hand. In your email, let them know why their blog was such a success. Why would you want to collaborate with them and what makes them different from others. This means you know them. Once they know they are appreciated, they are equally appreciative of you too. Then, things can move forward and professional relationships get to the next level.

Stick to what is relevant.

Get to the chase and get to it quick. Beating around the bush gets you nowhere. You would like your email to be remembered, more so your message in the email. To make sure they like you and your mail, tell them what they want to hear and what they need to know. Stick to what is relevant to them and if it suits their purpose then you get immediate and positive responses. Also, your emails need to be consistent, especially if they are working for you. You can’t let them forget you. Make sure you are not remembered as the person with the boring and irrelevant mails.

Strategize well, keeping in mind the true nature and purpose of your recipients. Everyone is way too busy today and has just that much time to spare. Outreach campaigns gain positive response only if they communicated out well. With every email, send your recipient something new, fresh, familiar and beneficial. Write it for them and make it work for you.