Shipping tools introduced by Google

Announced on the Inside Adwords blog this week, Google have introduced a new shopping configuration tool within Merchant Center to allow easy configuration of rates.

This will help prevent inaccuracies with shipping costs in Google Shopping, which can result in a user seeing a total cost that is different to the final price in the checkout.

Shipping Tool Config (1)

The tool provides the following options:

  •   Shipping rules – Select from a list of shipping methods, including customisable options
  •   Multiple shipping methods: Specify different shipping methods for the same regions, so Google can display the lowest price
  •   Customization based on location: Specify rates based on shipping destination
  •   Simplified exclusion options: Add regional exclusions which you do not ship to
  •   Reusable shared library: Allows you to reuse custom configurations

Alongside the new shipping attribute in shopping feeds, it’s now possible to ensure accuracy of the information in your shopping ads which may in turn improve your conversion rates.

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