How Google Lens will change Digital Marketing?

In their annual I/O developer event, the Google has launched its various new and latest developments and has also given a preview of its upcoming features. And among the many new AI technology inventions, it is the introduction of Google lens that has managed to steal the whole show. Google lens is Google’s new application which connects different technologies altogether to bet big on artificial intelligence (AI). Actually, it is an AI driven visual search application that allows the users to discover and connect with the world around them through visuals.

Well, the function of Google lens can be better understood by the Pinterest’s image recognition technology. So, have you ever used an innovative lens tool of Pinterest? Just like this tool where the application shows the similar products when user searches for pins based on the pictures which are already in their phone. Google lens actually works something like this but with some more utility and innovative features. So, after text now it is the images that will work for you in real world search cases. Quite exciting way to look around and explore, isn’t it?

As pictures speak louder than words, this creative technology is surely going to work and function as it takes into consideration the user’s search intent. And with increasing use of smart phones, this application can work as a fantastic getaway to connect the users with the real powers of the internet. It is that one awesome image driven product that is surely going to be worth the investment. The AI system of this application gets automatically functionally aligned with the Google photos and Google assistant so as to deliver the best search results. For instance:

  • Click a picture of any flower from your smart phone and ask Google lens about it and it will share all the necessary and relevant information about it. From its species to its availability near you; it can give you all the details that you might have been looking out for about that flower.
  • As this application can even track your location, you just need to click a picture of the shop in front of you. It will bring up all the reviews, feedbacks and other business details of that shop right to you.
  • To amaze you, the Google lens can also connect your phone to the available wi-fi network as soon as you scan the connection information card from your phone. Now isn’t that a fantastic feature to experience.
  • And if you think that this is all enough then you are wrong. Because it can even sign you up for an event, put that event on your phone calendar, notify you about it and can even purchase the ticket for you.

With the launch of this application, Google has surely brought some life changing implications for the people. Driven by latest AI technology and strong machine learning capabilities, the Google lens has the strongest visual recognition capabilities that can provide plenty of information about any picture. Integrating the focus of AI with the Google search mechanism, it could be as revolutionary as Google’s text base search was. So, after the text based and voice base search, it is now the image based search that is going to be the real super power of the internet. Giving its users a more engaging and interactive platform, the Google Lens is surely going to be the big hit among users.

With a search driven platform, the Google lens has integrated the support of Google Assistant so as to give users a choice of both voice and image search. Made up especially for the smart phones, this application could, however, be used in various other Google products also. So, if used wisely it could function like a great tool for marketing for various businesses. Working in relation to the human behavior modification, this application can surely benefit your business in various ways. And it will work for you even if your business does not own an online presence. So, the only thing that your business needs to have is your physical presence in the real world.

However, few things that need to be kept in mind to make the best use of this application for your business are:

  • Own a distinctive visual identity

The first and foremost thing that you need to work upon to use Google lens optimally is to create a distinctive visual identity for your business. And for this, you need to follow a strict color scheme along with a creative logo design that can help your business stand out from the crowd. This will help the Google lens identify you in more better and precise manner.

  • Pin your location on maps

The next big thing that you need to work upon is to locate your business on Google maps. It works as a back-up for Google lens by confirming the Google recognition. Thus, it becomes a necessary step to pin your presence in every location where you appear. By assuring your presence on Google map you actually help the application to work for your business in more accurate and precise manner.

  • Manage your customer’s reviews and feedbacks

You cannot censor the reviews and feedbacks but you can surely prioritize the good reviews over the bad ones so as to get better results. Also, try to respond to your client’s reviews and feedbacks as it will help you get better ratings which will eventually help you get better listing on even image searches. This can be bit tricky but once you hold a command on it, you can surely attract many customers.

  • Make your products distinctive recognizable

With world being a global platform, it is very difficult to make your products selectively distinguishable. So, always try to design and select the color scheme for your products in a way that can help them to be identified easily even in the crowd. Adding QR codes to your product is the latest way to keep your products distinctive.