Epic Tricks For Your Next Instagram Ad Campaign from these 8 Ads

Recently Instagram announced that they’ve surpassed 1 million active advertisers, so that proves that it isn’t just everyone’s favourite photo and video sharing platform, but a great platform for advertising too. Given the fact that this time last year they had only roughly 200 thousand active advertisers, that’s quite an accomplishment. With 8 million businesses globally using the platform for advertising, Instagram has turned out to be best thing to happen to the Social media advertising world since Facebook Ads! You might think, “They’re the same thing, aren’t they?” but they aren’t even though they’re connected in many ways.

With its growing business and advertiser base and the success of those advertisements, both Instagram and its users seem to have a lot to celebrate! While they rejoice in their success, we’re going to choose 8 Instagram ads we love and talk about what makes them so great and their immense success.

1 – Airbnb

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that among the first companies on Instagram Stories ads, Instagram chose to partner with Airbnb; they have recently rolled out globally to all Instagram business accounts. When it comes to digital marketing, Airbnb is way ahead of the curve and their business cunning in utilizing Instagram Stories ads to promote the new “experiences” feature of their business has showed the results that the expected out of it.

What makes it amazing:  

When a company starts innovatively experimenting with a new ad format, it begins to show an exciting change. Featuring a few short clips which form a collage that shows the different types of experiences users can have by using Airbnb. The inspirational/aspirational tone of the video is matched by the kind of music it needs to send a message that “this is the most fun travel experience you’ll ever have” without ever saying the words.

2 – MeUndies

MeUndies, an underwear company whose ads are displayed everywhere these days, and if it’s everywhere why not on Instagram as well? Their claim to fame, apparently they make the world’s most comfortable underwear and the ad has a distinctly quirky visual and tone.

What makes it amazing:

The carousel functionality, which was previously available only as a feature of advertising but now is available to all users, is what this particular MeUndies ad uses and that allows users to scroll through five different product pictures. This allows users the freedom to check out the products extensively without having to leave the platform (Instagram app). They have used crisp images and, as this ad was part of a holiday promotion, show clearly that they’d make great gifts too.

3 – Dove

Dove has become a household name with their thought provoking ads questions assumptions and pre conceived notions about beauty. The ad that we’ve got here isn’t as sombre as its predecessors, but the tiny thing still makes an impact while promoting a new product in a captivating way. It’s a short video that’s marketing a new body wash shows the image filling up with lather.

What makes it amazing:

Firstly it’s the length of the video, it’s short and sweet. Next thing is that it’s product-centric, on a lifestyle platform like Instagram it can easily become tiresome to watch and bore people, but the visuals add an extra flourish that makes this more engaging than a typical product focus would normally be. Both the caption and the visuals work flawlessly together to get the message of the campaign across to the user.

4 – Perrier

During the long days of summer Perrier ran a series of Instagram ads, with the focal point being the drink’s refreshing nature. The ad which is a short video shows a bottle from which a stream of rainbow coloured liquid is filling up a glass.

What makes it amazing:  

The ad uses the heat of summer as a strong topical element which gives it an added boost of appeal for users. This element elevates the ad and it feels more applicable than it might otherwise. The engaging and enticing visuals are what will make users want to linger, rather than just scrolling on to the next ad.

5 – Dawn

Dawn, which is actually a dishwashing soap has previously in its ads has shown adorable marine animals being cleaned by volunteers using the product, in the aftermath of an oil spill; which truly was used for that very purpose. The company has now used the same concept but tailored it for a short Instagram video ad which features an adorable little duck.

What makes it amazing:  

The ad, which is a short and charming clip, is poignant, pulling at your heartstrings pretty much the same way that the old television spots did. The focus is on how Dawn gives back. Of late, consumers look for this kind of social purpose in the brands they support more and more and dawn plays right to that audience. The branding is clear and evident without being exaggerated.

6 – Cobble Hill Soap

You don’t have to be in the Fortune 500 to design and run beautiful Instagram ads; this is exemplified by Cobble Hill Soap. The company which is based on Etsy is visually aesthetic on Instagram, and their ads are pretty much the same too.

What makes it amazing:  

A simple ad that is in perfect alignment with both the branding of the company and with the overall elegance of Instagram itself, it is made up of minimalist visuals that mirror the packaging of the product and the bed of beans that it lies on leads users to believe that this product probably contains natural ingredients, like coffee.

7 – Apple

In this short Instagram video ad, Apple shows off new ads for its Apple Watch. And coming from Apple, it’s no surprise that the video is captivatingly beautiful.

What makes it amazing:  

This short video is made up of some arresting visuals– as they move through the water, the camera zooms in on the watches and bands. The ad serves a dual purpose as it serves to promote the new watch bands in addition with the the waterproof element which is what pulls in customers.

8 – The New Yorker

Though they’re a famous and well-respected weekly magazine, they also have to invest money on ads to attract new subscribers.

What makes it great:

Though the text tends to be heavier than the ones we usually see on Instagram, this little ad from The New Yorker does a great job of communicating an offer that will entice the customers. Using clear, imperative language (“subscribe and get”), the creative ad shows all that is included in the offer and communicates, like The New Yorker’s iconic style and brand aesthetic.

All this should get you going and creating a few ads on your own to display on Instagram and if you aren’t yet, or if you’re apprehensive about the limitations on the platform’s ad options, hopefully this article will help convince you otherwise.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are 3 reasons why you should consider this role:

  1. With about 300 million daily active users, Instagram is fast becoming the boss of the ad world.
  2. Users are growing at an exponential rate every single day, and
  3. Your competitors probably haven’t started advertising on it yet, and if they aren’t as tech savvy as you, what’s stopping you!

Generating ideas that appeal to your audiences in the fun, engaging ways that users have come to expect from Instagram is pretty much cakewalk these days with all the inspiration you’d need right on Instagram only!.