Creative ways of Promoting your Blog

One thing that every blogger needs more than anything is: added traffic!

With an intent to boost your traffic and maintain your growth, you must get your creative side out also you must leverage a plenty of diverse portals and channels. There is a myriad of combat when it’s about the content, therefore if you wish to appear distinct and target your end audience, you don’t only require quality, but even a reliable promotional tactic.

Let’s learn about how you can come up with such a tactic by placing all of the prime ways of developing a blog. You’ll gain to understand:

  • The best free tricks of advertising your blog, like social media tacts and how to maximize your traffic via social media, search engine optimization suggestions, and more useful free strategies.
  • The highest paid means of advertising a blog, comprising of PPC commercials, social media commercials, content syndication programs, and further.
  • The greatest blogging communities to distribute your posts in and expand your social shares.
  • How to create your personal blog publicity checklist to aid you and ensure that you are leveraging all the channels probable.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss a few inventive methods of advertising your blog post, to aid you to beat up your promotional plan and draw more traffic:

Stir up your social updates

It’s not quite sufficient to yield your blog posts merely once or twice on your social media – you’ll waste a lot of possible traffic, as social media updates usually fade quite swiftly from your followers’ notifications.

To maximize your range and produce higher traffic, your blog posts need to be shared for multiple times; for instance:

  • Once in every 1 or 2 days on Twitter.
  • Once a week on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook

However, to retain things exciting you can yield a distinct update each time – that is further excellent for measuring to check what sort of updates produce the maximum link clicks – by switching things a bit:

  • Apply distinct text updates; for instance, few of the means you can stir things up is to utilize a quote from your blog post as your text update, an impressive fact, or a contentious statement (all picked from the blog post). Or, you can shift the call to action; for instance, “discover how to (…)”, “determine the great means to (…)”, and so on.
  • Advertise the blog post utilizing distinct media: apply interesting GIFs or build social media images – you can work tools like  Crello, Canva, and Pablo by Buffer to help – to connect while sharing your blog posts. For instances, you can supplement text over your image, like previously (a quote from your blog, a basis, a recital, etc.)

Reply to questions on Quora

If you’re not certain as to how to handle Quora, it’s a Question & Answer platform, where people can reply to any question they wish, and anyone can reply to their comment, and so on.

There are questions regarding every topic you can imagine of, from queries regarding private lives to particular niche issues concerning any field.

As you commence by creating your profile on Quora and replying to questions frequently, it will aid you to create your blog and site traffic and your reputation as an opinion leader in your very niche.

To begin, create your profile; don’t overlook to insert a link to your blog and ensure to draft an appealing description, because it will be viewed every single time you reply to something.

Next, begin replying to questions; utilize the search bar to locate related issues and to obtain topics to subscribe to.

You can insert related links in your replies, however, try not to advance only yours – insert other essential sources and links, as the extra value you present, the greater.

You must even strive to reply to extra subjects frequently to strengthen up your subscribers and also your traffic: log in to Quora check frequently to view if there are any new queries or questions (so that your answer can be on top!) also attempt to reply to a distinct question each day, or once in 3 days.

Repurpose your content

Your content need not have to be practiced barely once and dropped. In fact, there are various sorts of means that you can actually repurpose your content to attain a broader audience and spur more traffic again to your blog.

First, review the analytics of your blog: what do you think are your most successful blog posts? Which of the posts produced the highest amount of traffic and action?

Aforementioned posts are the excellent ones to put into use again as they’ve previously displayed they drive returns.

Given below are few of the best means to repurpose your content to maximize your outcomes:

  • Use a top-performing how-to post on a Slideshare display; the ones on the fore page get thousands of views, therefore if you can build an impressive display with a gripping title and that presents a lot of significance to the viewer, you possess the ability to influence a whole new following. Ensure to further affix your logo and branding (for instance using your brand shades) also to insert a call to action to make people revisit your site/blog.
  • Use a top doing site into a social media video: videos manage to generate further action and extra clicks than all other sorts of content. You can practice your blog posts like influence, and then work a video marketing tool such as ly or Wave (either an animation means, such as Vyond) to produce your video. You can next share it on all your social media profiles and connect it back to your site/blog.
  • Work a fact-packed blog post into an infographic: infographics are however renowned and can aid you to produce extra traffic – you only require fascinating evidence and statistics and a captivating figure. To assist you to build your infographic, you can work tools like Canva or Visme; once you are done, yield your infographics on social media portals and on your site or blog to advertise it and attract further traffic.

Devise round-up posts

One of the means that you can efficiently advance your social media traffic and shares, is to draft a round-up post; for instance, it can be based on:

  • The greatest bloggers in your niche
  • The best-curated content from your field– the columns that present the maximum amount of value to the viewer/follower/reader.
  • The greatest videos /infographics/resources/blog posts and more. from your field.

These sorts of curated posts can truly offer a plenty of sense to the reader – mainly a blog where you view at the choicest blog posts and means in your niche – that is truly a huge bonus. However, the way you’re going to raize your number of shares is by spreading out to each of the influencers and bloggers you’ve stated in your post to let them comprehend regarding it and, obviously, so that they can further share it.

You can extend out through email addresses or social media profiles: simply send them a brief message making them learn of it and urging them to share it with their network if they appreciate the post.


Blog promotion is not an easy task. If you wish to pull traffic to your site/blog, you must advertise your blog on various channels and on a daily basis. That implies not just applying all of the standard ways of blog advancement– such as SEO, email marketing, and social media– however, you are further required to go artistic and strive for various ways.