Compelling UX Design: Who’s Doing it Right

When any product or process is designed in a way that enhances the level of customer satisfaction by improving the overall user experience then it is referred to as user experience design (UX). Enhancing the overall experience of interaction between the customer and the product/process, the UX designs improve the accessibility and usability so as to channelize better ways of communication. In other words, it can be said that UX designs help in making the product/process more usable, understandable, beautiful and more useful. It helps in developing better understanding and empathy among users of your product/process.

So, the main concern of the UX designers is to understand changing sets of human behavior, their goals and preferences so as to come up with new challenging ideas that can create a balance between their real needs with competing business needs. And to bring best out from the UX designs, every business needs to serve specific cadre of users. By doing so, a UX designer can create more thoughtful designs that can help them meet user’s need simultaneously while accomplishing their business tasks and goals. Nowadays, many companies are using the concept of UX designs in developing their websites so as to create more engaging and exceptionally functional user experience for the users.

Today, there are many websites which have created inspiring and innovative UX website designs which are truly commendable. Some of those impressive websites are:


Known worldwide for their fantastic technology evolution processes, the Apple has created a niche for itself. Promising the most functional yet enjoyable user experience, Apple is the most obvious name that comes to mind when it comes to exceptionally well UX designs. Be it in its all products or on their website; the company has a stunning consumable format to present not only the most attractive visual features but also the wealth of information.  Giving an amazing virtual experience of all their products on their website, the company has made sure to let their viewers enjoy a meaningful exploration on their site.

Blue Apron

This New York-based website is one of the most popular websites helping people to learn and cook the various yummy-licious recipes’. And not just the recopies but it is also helping people to manage their grocery shopping in the most efficient way. With an amazing interactive home page, this website is packed with some of the most useful pieces of cooking related information that is present in the most compelling way. Featuring small yet interactive animations on a long scrolling page, the site supports strong call-to-action features which help in engaging users in the most fun learning way.

Warby Parker

Founded in 2010, this American brand of vintage inspired prescript sunglasses marked its online presence with some of the awesome featured UX designs. Promising an easy and convenient online shopping experience to all its users and potential clients, the website has various sparks of random interaction that keeps its viewers engaged while they experience an amazing user experience. The process of viewing and selecting glass frames has been designed meticulously so as to deliver an overwhelming user interaction experience. Reducing the baggage of unnecessary fields, the site ensures short and sweet built-in design.

Duo Lingo

Promising to make your learning fun, this website is an absolute joy to use. Making a whole process of learning a new language simple, easy, accessible and friendly this website offer a most interactive platform that is quite approachable for the users. Moreover, users need not register or create a new account to avail its services. That means you can instantly start using this website without completing the long and boring process of signing-in. Offering a friendly user experience with an interactive and easy platform, this website now has some of the most loyal and dedicated set of users from around the world.

Virgin America

Transforming a complicated and complex process of booking flights into an easy, simple and intuitive process; it is the UX designs of the Virgin America website that has reinvented the whole experience of making digital booking a fun process. Ensuring your flight bookings as fun as your travelling plans, this website offers interesting yet simplified user experience. Unlike other clunky airline websites, this site gives you the freedom to pick dates according to the flight cost. Moreover, you can edit or update your travel details at any step during the booking process without restarting the process all over again. Now isn’t it a radical experience to try?


The benefits of UX designs have covered the applications also. Nowadays, there are many applications which have been structured in the UX design framework so as to offer better ease of accessibility, enhanced understandability and interactive user experiences. One of such an application is Asana. With increased functional clarity, this application supports the interpersonal dynamics of any team so as to foster productivity. Being a project management based application which can help you in mastering the art of micro interactions. Empowering everyone with its progressive discoverability, it is designed to make interactions more effortless, direct and fast. Undoubtedly, this application has aligned the design principles of UX in most innovative way.

The Atlantic

Being a publishing company, the Atlantic always need to offer best user experience in order to retain their customer base. Thus, the company has already appointed a dedicated team of UX designers who can make their features look more appealing and attractive. Nowadays, owning a informative yet interesting content is not enough. A company needs to serve it in interesting ways so as to keep the urge of reading among readers alive throughout the texts. So, this site has clear and sorted broad categorized sections catering various areas of reader’s interest. With clear delineated categories there is a well managed hierarchy that makes it easier for the reader to focus and interpret the content. A thoughtful UX design of this website is really appreciable feature to look out for.