Email marketing has been around in the advertising domain for so long it has never turned less effective or dull. In fact, email marketing has proven to be more successful in increasing revenue than today’s new methods of marketing and advertising, like on social or digital media.

There are certain ways to get it right and be more effective in terms of reaching out to the target audience and bringing in sales and promotions.

Here we look at the ten most important ingredients that make a successful email marketing campaign.

  1. Plan

Nothing gives you the desired result if there has been no in depth planning behind. Whatever you do with your business should be a result of good planning. Marketing yourself, your brand and your product does not happen with the blink of an eye. It requires a great deal of planning and understanding. This then becomes a brain storming process as you need to be sure of what you need to put out to your potential customers.

  • You need to understand and plan
  • Why you need to send out an email
  • Who will be your target customers
  • What you expect the reader to do
  • What results you expect
  •  The next steps that will follow

Once this is sorted out, you can begin drafting out your email and sending it out.

  1. Content

You should know what your readers will look at. The content is the most important of them all. This reflects the ideas you have, the message you want to put across and the intentions behind sending out in an email.

You need to be able to grab the potential customer’s attention within seconds of them opening your email. That is why it is always best to get experts do the content for you – agencies or freelancing content experts.

This cannot be a detailed explanation of your product, this is a marketing campaign not the ‘About’ section of your company. The choice of words and the manner of writing needs to be given importance.

The subject lines you use, the main email content, the headers and all the other elements need to be catchy so the reader would actually consider reading it and opening your website.

  1. Segmentation and Zoning

Sectioning your prospective customers for your product is very essential. You need to make sure you send an email to the people who would benefit out of it and would need it. You cannot email all the prospects on your mailing list.

You have to segment your mailing list into the basic – buying behavior, demographic nature, location, interest, and need. This will prove very helpful when you start an email marketing campaign. It becomes a lot easier if these things are first segregated and then emailed.

Doing this increases the conversion rates as they are more relevant to the needs and desires of the prospective customers/clients.

  1. Email delivery

This is important in terms of the timing – if you use an automatic email marketing tool, make sure you check and double check if all the contacts in your list are updated. You don’t want to lose out on a successful email marketing campaign by failing to even reach the customer’s inbox.

Speaking of inbox – your email marketing should have good content which will send your mail to their inbox instead of filling up space in the junk or spam folders.

Use distinctive subject lines that are short and simple but at the same time very informative.

  1. Using a Pre header

There’s a reason why most successful email marketing campaigns use a pre header to their emails.

Pre header as the name suggests is a bit of information before the reader goes onto read the main content or the header of the email. This has to be short and a small sneak peek as to what the reader should expect.

You can tell them about the promotions they can be a part of if they subscribe or a note saying that they are the first ones to get this email rather than the rest of the public.

This will make the reader curious and they will proceed to check the whole email that you actually intended for them to read.

  1. Contact details and brand identification

When you send out emails to prospective customers, you want them to get back to you. The easiest way they can is when you add a link to your website, a number they can contact you on or a simple click to call option – which is easier.

Before they contact you, the readers should know who they are receiving the email from. Place your brand/company logo strategically, so they can see it in a second and help them register and connect with your company.

  1. The header and the call to action

This is your chance to influence and make an impression in the minds of your readers. The header or the main information is one which can promptly display the message you have for them. A short statement about your new product or a new promotional offer or even discounts on offer and so on.

You can be as graphic as possible with this, but you need to be sure that the images used will be properly displayed on every platform. Just to avoid the over stressing, simple text format is the best way to style the header. Grammatical correctness and punctuations are things to keep in mind.

Just below the header, you can do an HTML format of the call to action. This easily grabs the reader’s attention and influences their buyer behavior increasing the conversion rates. This is the end result of your entire marketing campaign.

All the content, the graphics and the efforts behind the whole campaign are incomplete if there isn’t any sense of direction for the readers. You have to put up the kind of action they can do that you actually want them to do.

  1. Personalized emails

This does not mean you have to mention their names and things directly to each individual reader. This only means that you have to customize your email content so it relates to each of your reader – point from segmentation. It has to do with the appropriateness to the predispositions and taste of the readers that you mail your campaign to.

  1. Device and messaging server friendly

Since these days’ people use a lot of devices to view their emails on, your email marketing campaign has to be able to fulfill the criteria of being viewable on almost all devices – desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

It will be way more effective it is mobile / smartphone friendly since the majority of the readers will have to view it on their mobile devices.

Also, since we are being so keen on being device friendly, we will also tell you to be more mail server friendly. Meaning, your campaign should be easily viewable on a majority of the email messaging services like – yahoo, google mail, MSN etc.

  1. Unsubscribe

Lastly, you do not want your reader to be frustrated with all sorts of emails and promotions. If they can choose a way to follow your brand by subscribing to your newsletter, they should have the free will to unsubscribe whenever they want to as well.

In any case, too much of everything makes a person less attracted to it!